One-to-one Core Values training for business start ups and established small businesses

I am passionate about helping businesses work to their strengths. I think it is imperative that businesses are directed by the founders’ and key stakeholder values and beliefs.

The core values of a business are the foundation of why a business “is” and what sets it apart from all the rest. The definition of these core values is critical to tailoring the messages a business sends out to its customers and stakeholders.

My workshops typically take 3-4 hours in the first session and help business owners think about their “why”. This is done in a way that business owners usually don’t get the time to do. Through the inspiring nature of this simple process we have seen business owners transformed in their approach to their work. Having a true definition of the motivations behind the core values of a business, articulated in a way that is unique to only that business, can have a dramatic impact on the owners, board members and staff as a whole.

To find out more about these workshops and how they can help your business define its “why”, call us or get in touch using the form provided on this page; we’d love to hear from you.

Define your Core Values

Core Values can help to shape the culture and direction of your company to improve relationships with customers and improve staff retention and productivity. Our core values workshops start at only £600 and can transform your approach and the way you do business.

Blam Partnership Demo

The Partner Programme is a fantastic new business opportunity based on a proven model and a great way to make money online. How much you earn is completely down to you and how you apply yourself to the business. The earning potential is uncapped, and we take less than half of every website sale you make, even though we design them for you! A five figure monthly income is a possibility for those that apply themselves with dedication.

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Black Tap Franchise opportunity

Formed in 2012 with a passion for beer driving us, Black Tap Brew Pubs is the antidote to an industry that you may have thought was beyond your grasp. This unique franchise opportunity is built on the vision of bringing the very finest beer to the high street, in micropubs throughout the UK.

It’s our mission to become the leading chain of micropubs in the UK, bar none. By helping prospective pub owners navigate the perilous waters of setting up their own micropub, Black Tap is ideally suited to take its wonderful beer and approachable ethos to the entire UK and beyond.

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