You might be asking yourself “why him”?

I’ve been running my own businesses for over 20 years now and since I was a boy it’s all I ever wanted to do. For me business is fun, it’s my passion, it’s what I read about in my spare time and it’s what I think about when I’m on the beach relaxing or in the gym exercising!  This means, for me, helping other people build businesses is fun too and gives me great satisfaction and an enormous sense of gratitude when I make a difference.

Over the years I’ve started many businesses and had varying degrees of success in a variety of sectors.  Bill Gates says “success is a poor teacher” and in my experience, I value my failures more than my successes, as that’s where I really learnt about how to tough it out. Some of the sectors I’ve done business in include: graphic design, marketing, print management, branding, recruitment, large format canvas prints, overseas property, app development and production, and many others.

I’ve applied many lessons, theories and models in my pursuit of that killer product or service.  I’ve started businesses on my own, with business partners, on my own then brought in business partners, with business partners then on my own and everything in between, applying all manner of tactics in the process.  This has taught me that there is no ‘one formula for success’ (otherwise everyone would do it) but there are some common ingredients that dictate the chances of that success, and that’s where I like to focus.

My current business interests include:

  • Blam Websites – providing the hardest working websites for small businesses, from only £597!

  • Blam Partners – a reseller programme for people who want to start their own website and marketing business.

  • Black Tap Brew Pubs – a micropub franchise launching across the UK and Europe in 2017.

  • Black Tap Brewery – a craft beer brewery est. 2012 brewing the best beer in the world (I may be bias)!

  • Gr8 Recruitment – a specialist recruitment agency within the creative industry.

  • Property – rental property interests, commercial and residential.

  • My coaching website – dedicated to help small businesses define their purpose!

  • Angel investment – I am always interested to hear about new opportunities.